Report on Account Executive

Account Executive - 2018-02-14

Job type: 
Full Time
Date expired: 
Sun, 04/15/2018
Experience Requirements: 
Not requirements
Base salary: 
Salary, bonus structure, vacation & comprehensive health insurance plan including dental and vision

The Account Executive (AE) manages and implements day-to-day client activities. The AE must have a strong understanding of media relations and an excellent success rate of placing stories. They must possess strong written and verbal communication and time management skills.  A successful AE will proactively seek out solutions to challenges faced and demonstrate excellent judgment and ability to solve problems.

Essential Responsibilities/Duties:

Media Relations

  • Demonstrate creative thinking when developing pitches for clients
  • Secure consistent and quality placements on a regular basis
  • Establish strong relationships with media relevant to your client
  • Develop effective press materials such as pitches, press releases, op-ed articles, case studies media kits


  • Contribute to creation of communications plans
  • Ability to contribute to and develop public relations and social media strategies and implement them with confidence
  • Creative insight
  • Provide strategic counsel and recommendations for executing various campaigns

Client Relations

  • Serve as a day-to-day client liaison and establish successful, productive relationships with client contacts
  • Provide client service support including attending meetings and meeting deadlines
  • Develop client weekly agendas and recaps and media reports
  • Measure client satisfaction on a regular basis

Social Media

  • Understand social media tools
  • Create and implement social media programs
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