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Thu, 03/15/2018
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Our company has developed the first draft of the design of a new website we intend to build to advertise our software development services to skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in the US and our initial target market is nursing facilities in the Cleveland, Ohio area.
We believe our text content is good and if presented properly we feel it will represent our company well. However we need a contractor with experience in designing websites (graphic design talent strongly preferred) and also with experience in B2B web design to do the following:
1) Review in detail the web pages we have drawn up and provide any ideas that would improve the graphical and overall presentation of the site (there are about 3 web pages including content + the images displayed on each page of the site)
2) Provide us with advice regarding the graphics / images used in the web design.
3) There is one graphic that we developed and that we inserted into one of the pages of the web design but we feel the graphic did not turn out the way it is intended and needs to be either replaced entirely or substantially improved and what graphic or other change should be made to ensure that we have an appropriate graphic to use to replace the one that is on the About Us page currently. It was more or less intended to educate the reader as to our company's services for our clients but we feel that the graphic does not really contribute to viewers' understanding of our services in its current form and does not look professional.

In summary, we feel that our overall design is on the right track but we are looking for outside help from a contractor with web design experience as well as B2B marketing/promotional experience to critique the site and provide feedback as to improvements we should make to ensure that clients get the best possible first impression of our site and to ensure that our branding is professional and appealing.

We expect that this job would require approximately 2-3 hours from start to finish, for a contractor with the needed skills and qualifications. When contacted by a freelancer interested in applying for this job, we will reply to those contractors who appear to have the qualifications we are seeking. Before a contractor is chosen, those we believe to be most qualified will be shown the web design in its current form (6 jpeg or png files - and psd files available upon request) to ensure that the contractor feels that our estimate of 2-3 hours for this job is reasonable and to discuss the likelihood of having this job done within 1-2 days or as soon as possible if 1-2 days is not possible.

Contractors with verifiable experience in web design and B2B promotional marketing will be given priority over the others. Among those contractors who express interest in this job, the web design will be shown only to those contractors with a very high success rate and who we perceive to be the most qualified applicants and the most likely to succeed at producing the desired results.

Please be aware that our own developers will build the website and we are not interested in hiring anyone to build the website. We are looking for help perfecting this web design prior to actually building the site, which we will do on our own.

We expect work to be completed in a timely fashion and as we build our brand, there will likely be additional work available in the near future for the contractor who is successful in completing this job promptly and to our satisfaction.

That said, we appreciate the great work done by our past contractors and look forward to meeting another valued resource to help us with our future promotional / branding / marketing needs.


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