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Hiring immediately: Restoration Estimator
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PLEASE DO NOT apply through Facebook application.

POLICY NAME: Restoration Estimator Job description

PURPOSE: • To provide for concrete job descriptions for the Restoration Estimator position that is important as we grow our organization. • To provide a basis for the Restoration Estimator remuneration

REPORTS TO: Senior Restoration Estimator

SUPERVISES: Indirect supervision, lateral leadership, and oversight with Restoration Project Manager on projects.

EVALUATED BY: Senior Restoration Estimator & General Manager

BASIC FUNCTIONS: • Supports overall marketing by building relationships with adjusters, property managers, and other direct referral sources. • Supervises and responds to all activities of restoration and reconstruction work related to fire damage, water damage, mold or other related unexpected catastrophes. • Estimates job scope, signs contract and secures agreed price • Works with adjusters to come to a settlement amount that is fair for our clients • Works with Project Managers to ensure jobs are completed as a Quality Job On Budget (QJOB). • Oversees and supports AR & Collections • Supports Trades Team recruiting, productivity, retention, and development

Evaluated On: • Performance versus annual and trimester goals • Skill Development versus Annual Skill Development Goals • Quality of overall Business Performance – Measured via Performance Model • Measured by Customer Satisfaction as per the Net Promoter score • Customer and Personnel Complaint Resolution

Overall Duties Include: • Calls on adjusters, property managers and other direct referral sources to support overall marketing.

• Receive loss assignments. • Work directly with mitigation staff to contact and be on-site in as timely of fashion as deemed appropriate. • Prepares and estimates an accurate scope, signs contract and secures agreed price o in a timely fashion (typically within 48 hours of the inspection or according to program requirements for specific losses/carriers). o Achieve a closing ratio of seventy-five (75%) or higher. • Coordinates monitors and supervises customer/homeowner quality service on a day to day basis as planned with the Project Manager, subcontractors, and the Customers • Provides input to other management based on observations from the field • Communicates and analyzes competitive activity • Secure approved scope and price with insurer. • Deliver necessary paperwork and maintain relationship with insurer. • Deliver necessary paperwork to property owner and secure contract. • Deliver necessary paperwork to administrative department. • Facilitate coordination with mortgage company when necessary to receive funds. • Interface with Job Supervisor through completion and collection ongoing and for completed jobs. • Supports with Customer Service that all QA/Warranty work is completed in a timely fashion. • Professionally represent the PDR principles of honesty and integrity.

Promotion and career path:

Opportunities for advancement and promotion can be within Paul Davis. These promotions bring progressively greater challenge, learning and responsibility.

• The natural progression is to move into the role of Operations Manager or General Manager incorporating more accountability, leadership, and management responsibilities. • Salary and bonus increases are recommended by the President, Operating Partners, and direct supervisor and are approved by the President and CFO. • Bonus allocations are to take into consideration national Paul Davis, other applicable companies, and similar businesses’ standards and guidelines and will be reviewed annually during an AFP (Annual Financial Plan) process and are set by the President & Operating Partners. • Promotions and job transfers are recommended by your supervisor, and are approved by the President and Operating Partners.


Promotions and advancement within the position bring progressively greater challenge, learning, and responsibility and experience. Compensation is evaluated on a yearly basis effective from the start date of employment of each calendar year and is directly related to measureable performance. An annual reward planner (ARP) is completed at that time. Payment of Bonuses:

Bonuses are paid with 60 days of achievement of the defined objectives. Bonuses are just that, bonuses. These are not meant to be guaranteed income nor the perception of guaranteed income. They are to be earned due to the achievement of objectives that help the business to be more profitable hence giving the business the means to pay bonuses. Bonuses are often defined within the three executive focus areas: Customer, Personnel, & Company.

Performance Models: • (TBD)

Please refer to the appropriate policy and procedure for review of these performance models. These models measure the critical performance areas of the Estimator responsibilities.


This job offers a significant professional development program

First-rate conceptual learning

• Leadership Skills Manual and Website access • Classroom training (both basis and customized) • Via Divisional Line Meetings, National Conferences, National Training sessions, and “The Franchise Company” Leadership Development Program.

First-rate experiential learning

• Supervisor follow-up and mentoring • Challenging and rewarding peer group • Close contact with the leadership of the company • Customized personal development • Ongoing performance appraisals (business results and skill development) o Actual Performance versus Performance Success Goals o Actual Skill Development versus Skill Development Goals

Skill Certification Program:

At Paul Davis we recognize the value and encourage managerial and leadership skill development. The acquisition of these skills it recognized via a formal certification process at Paul Davis, which sets the stage for promotions and additional responsibility. A certified examiner within the Paul Davis Leadership Development Program completes and rewards earned skill certifications. A quick summary of the skills is provided below for your interest.

Selling • Used when selling clients, customers, personnel, contractors, prospecting, cold calling, leadership, and idea sharing.

Interviewing and Assessment • Describes what to look for and how to find it when interviewing for personnel

Designing Effective Adult Learning • Outlines the important steps in designing a classroom-training program. This is used when preparing for training sessions.

Facilitation • Explains how to do an effective presentation in a classroom setting

Problems Solving • Details a systematic approach to achieving missed objectives and solving complex problems.

Goal Setting and Review • This is used during call-in to help the supervisors and subordinates set and meet their goals each week and eventually for the year

Coaching • Shows how to pass on our skills and knowledge in the most effective way when working with the personnel in the field

Situational Leadership • This is a very difficult but important skill that enabled you to use the appropriate leadership style for individuals in different situations

Social Event Planning • Explains how to organize and run an event with a large number of people and many arrangements involved

Delegation • As a Leader you have a great deal to do and it will be necessary to have help from others. To be effective in getting help you must be able to delegate tasks well

Effective Meetings • This skill is usually used later in you career when you are organizing and running meetings with other full–time staff

Conflict Management • At many points in your career you will run in to conflicts with supervisors. Subordinate, customers, and others. By learning to deal with these effectively you will be able to move ahead and learn from them rather than being dragged down by them.

Management Learning Group • At times in the year it is helpful to get some or all of the managers together for a collective learning session or management learning group

Priority Management • Your reliability to use your time effectively will have a big impact on the results you can achieve

Planning & Scheduling • How to create and execute a plan for of achieving outcomes at events, achieving goals that involve others and yourself. This helps the leader to look ahead and plan events far in advance. This skill shows how to do this kind of long range planning

Effective Newsletter • The newsletter is a high leverage way of getting information across and building culture within a group

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